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High Performance, High Density Enterprise Class Wi-Fi Controller

Newbridge WaveController 8000 is the high performance wireless controller developed by Newbridge. WaveController is the integrated wireless controller (AC, Access Controller) designed for enterprise and commercial industry.

The wireless controller can centrally manage all the FIT AP and wireless clients, powerful tools for WLAN network management, operation and maintenance.

WaveController 8000 integrate multiple features into a single solution, supporting 80Gbps switching capacity, offer non-blocking wire-speed forwarding. Provide powerful integration, high reliability, high availability and better security. It is ideal wireless controller for telecom operators and system integrators.

With user-controlled management, intelligent RF management, QoS, automatic fault recovery, fast roaming and load balancing capabilities. WaveController can achieve seamless, secure wireless network deployed on any existing L2/L3 network without interrupting the current network operation.

WaveController can be perfectly integrated with the existing network, and without changing its structure, greatly simplifying deployment and management of the network, saving user investment and reduce total cost of ownership.

It provides powerful wired and wireless data processing capabilities, centralized user management functions and powerful wireless access control.

Powerful and Robust AP management

In addition to 802.11a/b/g AP management, WaveController can work together with the 802.11n/ac-based series APs to provide wireless access at a speed more than two times that on a traditional 802.11a/b/g network. 802.11n/ac covers a wider range and supports real WLAN multimedia applications.

Enterprise-class wireless access management

WaveController 8000 supports all Newbridge wireless FIT access points. Single WaveController 8000 can support up to 512 FIT wireless access points management central mode and 1024 distributed mode, up to 10,240 wireless users management.

Flexible forwarding mode

WaveController 8000 support both centralized forwarding and local forwarding mode. Centralized forwarding refer to AP encapsulated STA data packets using CAPWAP tunneling protocol, first forwarded to the AC, and then forwarded to the destination address by the AC.

Local forwarding refer to AP directly forwarded STA data packets to the destination address, instead forwarded by AC.

Advantages of centralized forwarding are reducing integration complexity and simplify the access layer, increasing user’s management capability, help secure the entire network.

Advantages of local forwarding help reducing the load of AC, thus increase AC performance with large scale of network.

High Reliability

The 1+1 redundancy configuration of the WaveController 8000 supports 300ms failover. FIT APs establish CAPWAP links with both wireless controllers, but only the links to the active wireless controller are active. When the active wireless controller fails, the heartbeat mechanism between the two wireless controllers ensures that the standby wireless controller can sense the failure within 300 ms and then inform APs to use links to it, thus ensuring service continuity.

Fast roaming

WaveController 8000 roaming is based on Newbridge HACIP fast switching technology, a truly inter-AP roaming with zero connectivity lost, switching control in less than 50ms.

The roaming process does not change the client IP address, re-authentication are not required. Roaming fully meet the requirements of mission critical industry like medical, transportation industry and other real-time mobile class of business application.

Intelligent load balancing

According to IEEE 802.11, wireless clients control wireless roaming in WLANs. Usually, a wireless client chooses an AP based on the Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI). Therefore, many clients may choose the same AP for this AP has a high RSSI. As these clients share the same wireless medium, the throughput of each client is reduced greatly.

The intelligent AP load sharing function can analyze the locations of wireless clients in real time, dynamically determine which APs at the current location can share load with one another, and implement load sharing among these APs. In addition to load sharing based on the number of online sessions, the system also supports load sharing based on the traffic of online wireless users.




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