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External Antennas

Newbridge 2.4 GHz and  5GHz External Antennas for Outdoor AP/Bridge

Newbridge offers an enterprise range of antennas specifically designed to optimize 802.11 wireless connectivity inparticular environments. These antennas extend the flexibility and coverage of Newbridge wireless bridges and enterprise outdoor access points (APs) that support external antenna options, enabling their deployment in a variety of in-building and building-to-building network environments.

An antenna gives the wireless system three fundamental properties: gain, direction and polarization. Gain is a measure of increase in power. Gain is the amount of increase in energy that an antenna adds to a radio frequency (RF) signal. Direction is the shape of the transmission pattern. As the gain of a directional antenna increases, the angle of radiation usually decreases. This provides a greater coverage distance, but with a reduced coverage angle. The coverage area or radiation pattern is measured in degrees. These angles are measured in degrees and are called beamwidths.

An antenna is a passive device which does not offer any added power to the signal. Instead, an antenna simply redirects the energy it receives from the transmitter. The redirection of this energy has the effect of providing more energy in one direction, and less energy in all other directions

Beamwidths are defined in both horizontal and vertical plains. Beamwidth is the angular separation between the half power points (3dB points) in the radiation pattern of the antenna in any plane. Therefore, for an antenna you have horizontal beamwidth and vertical beamwidths

Model: NB-24-14D90A

2.4GHz 2X2 MIMO Panel Directional Antenna

Model: NB-50-17D90A

5GHz 2X2 MIMO Panel Directional Antenna

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