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Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

What is WDR?

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera can adjusts automatically to bright and dark areas to adjust for and eliminate overexposure and under exposure conditions. The settings for this camera are setup using the built in OSD (on screen display) menu and control pad that is included.

What is DWDR?

Digital WDR (DWDR) is a software-based technique that optimizes image quality by adjusting the gamma (y) value to enhance dark areas. The D-WDR level, which range from 1 to 8, should be carefully adjusted according to the lighting conditions in order to minimize possible image deterioration (i.e. the image being washed out)

What is True WDR?

True WDR is a sensor-based technology, camera with this can produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range. The WDR image sensor can capture several images with short and long exposures, then combine into a single frame. True WDR can be adjusted using three re-set levels (Low/Mid/High) according to the lighting conditions.

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